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The development of Hobart International Business Park located in Cambridge near the Hobart Airport roundabout has stalled. Why? Because the State Government has broken a promise to provide the landowners and investors proper access to the land.


The land is owned by local developer Greg Casimaty, whose philanthropic Greek family (The Casimaty Bros) have a wonderful history in Tasmania.


Greg has become the accidental developer due to urban sprawl. He has teamed up in a joint venture with four local Tasmanian families, who actively invest and develop in the state, and are dedicated to helping Greg build the multimillion-dollar business park, which will see the creation of many jobs and opportunities for local Tasmanians. Including, generating over $1 billion of economic activity and 3,375 construction jobs alone.


A proud Tasmanian, Greg is willing to pull up his sleeves to keep the investment opportunity local.

Greg and his investors have put a lot of time and money into preparing plans for the Hobart International Business Park development, following the 2017 State Government commitment to access, so naturally they were shocked to find that these contractor plans had been approved without their consultation.

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